Grid Connected Solar PV System with Battery Backup - Kleines Heim
Grid Connected Solar PV System with Battery Backup - Kleines Heim

Solar PV system with battery backup "Kleines Heim" Windhoek

The Grid Connected Solar PV System with Battery Backup combines the best of a grid-connected and an off-grid system. When the grid is running properly, the Kleines Heim guesthouse uses power generated from the solar panels or pulls electricity from the grid. Any excess power generated over and above the needs is stored and can be used in the evening or in the event of grid blackouts

When the grid fails, the hybrid system is able to disconnect from the network and switch to "off-grid mode", drawing power stored in the battery bank to power Kleines Heim guesthouse and using the solar system to recharge the battery bank.

Battery and inverter space are located in a lockable and well ventilated room inside the building.
The floor of the room has vertical racks for batteries. A trouble-free operation and cleaning is guaranteed without any danger. Appropriate warning is placed on the door.


The proximity to the grid connection point avoids long cable runs.


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