Grid Connected Solar PV System with Battery Backup - Kleines Heim
Grid Connected Solar PV System with Battery Backup - Kleines Heim

Technical Features of the PV System

3D planning of the installation on the roof surface
Type of System Grid connected with battery backup
Installed Capacity 15.08 kWp
Modules 58 x SI-Classic P260 – SI   Modules GmbH
Inverters 2 x Powador 5500, 1 x   blueplanet gridsave eco 5.0 TR1 – Kaco New Energy
Batteries 24 x 2V 4 OPzS solar.power -  Hoppecke Batterien
Mounting structure Roof-parallel mounting structure
Orientation northeast (46°)
Tilt angle 16°
Grid feed-in 28,820 kWh
Performance ratio 79.4%
Spec. annual yield 1,948.63
Autarky degree 45.8%
CO2 emissions avoided 16,992 kg/year


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